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Best Ways to Get FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) 23 Coins in 2023

Best Ways to Get FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) 23 Coins in 2023


If you search online for FIFA coins, you will get hundreds of results of ways and places of getting this coveted currency of the game. Not all the methods of obtaining the cheap FIFA coins are effective enough. Some may only help you achieve the desired results to a certain extent.

Interestingly, both new and highly experienced players of FUT 23 understand the need to have many coins in addition to the points. Thus, it is important to understand the best ways of getting the coins while playing the game. Here are some key methods you can use to earn the FUT 23 coins effectively.

Why are FUT 23 Points Important?

EA and FIFA announced an end to their commercial relationship in 2022. EA is the gaming company that runs the FUT game while FIFA is the body that governs soccer globally. Their partnership was critical in the development and initial success of the FUT game.

However, the end of this partnership has not affected the nature and popularity of FUT. All the features of the game are still available because EA had already entered into separate licenses with other parties.

One of the key features of the game is the FUT coins. Players need the cheap FIFA coins to engage in the transfer market and successfully build formidable squads. It is impossible to purchase specific players without the coins. Although the FUT points are important in helping you cover small expenses, they cannot be used to purchase players.

Best Ways of Getting FUT 23 Points

One of the most exciting features of FUT is the ability to modify many aspects of the game. For example, players can change all the key characteristics of the stadiums in which matches take place to suit their desires. These tastes usually have a basis in reality. For example, you can modify the stadium to look like any of the biggest ones in Europe or elsewhere in the world.

Furthermore, getting FUT coins enables players to modify their squads. This practice opens a lot more opportunities. For instance, one can participate in the transfer market to earn additional coins in the form of profits from the sale of players. The following are additional methods of getting FUT 23 coins.

Participating in the Transfer Market

Taking part in the transfer market is an effective way of earning FIFA coins. The transfer market is always vibrant and allows players to buy and sell many other items apart from players. However, taking part in the buying and selling of players is a nice and reliable way of earning coins in this game.

You need to develop an effective strategy of successfully buying players at relatively lower prices and then selling them at higher ones. The changes in the value of the players depend on many factors. So, you must ensure that all the factors work in your favor to make additional coins from the sale of the players. Remember, not all players can be bought and sold in the transfer market.

Buying FUT 23 Points

One of the most effective methods of obtaining FIFA coins is simply purchasing them from licensed vendors. Many new players of the game wonder if it is even legal to purchase FIFA points. Well, EA does not expressly state that players are allowed to buy points from vendors. However, in practice, many young players opt for this option for various reasons.

Purchasing FIFA points is more effective and economical than using other alternative methods to obtain them. For example, you do not have to waste time playing many matches or participating in Squad Building Challenges to earn coins. A player simply needs to identify a legit vendor and purchase the package at the price that is usually indicated on the website of the vendors.

It is easy to identify the right vendor for FIFA coins. These are typically companies that provide video game-boosting services. Game boosting services are special packages that players of any of the various popular games can purchase to improve their levels. Typically, the services come in the form of professional players helping those who are less experienced in a particular video game, play to increase their levels within a very short time.

The game-boosting service providers also help FIFA players obtain coins easily. They sell the coins in packages which attract various prices. The good news about using these services is that one can complete the transaction and get the coins instantly. Moreover, it is easy to check the reputation of the services online before transacting.

Squad Building Challenges

Participating in Squad Building Challenges is another great way of earning FIFA coins. However, this method may not be easy for everyone. You need to be quite savvy in the game to successfully use it to earn points.

The essence of participating in Squad Building Challenges in FIFA is understanding how to use cards to build temporary squads and then earn from them in the future. The values of the cards usually rise considerably after some time. Good players can then take advantage of the spike in the value of the cards and the packs that come with them to exchange them for coins.


Every player of the FIFA game needs coins in addition to the points and other packs. The coins enable players to build effective squads because they can use them to purchase valuable players.

One can get the coins using any of the available methods. For example, it is possible to get coins by participating in the Squad Building Challenges. One can exchange the packs that come from an increase in the value of the cards during these challenges to purchase coins. Also, players can earn points by simply buying and selling players at a profit.

But all these methods take a long time to complete. Thus, the quickest and best way of getting FIFA points is simply purchasing them.

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