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Best Football Grounds in the MLS

Best Football Grounds in the MLS

With 29 teams in Major League Soccer (MLS), you'll find that there are also 29 stadiums. But, as with everything, not all of them are created equally. For those planning to watch this exciting event in the best place possible, then we're going to take a look.

MLS is a relatively new event, and as such, so are the stadiums. But this means that they're modern and full of amenities that really amplify the experience. Alongside offering some of the biggest grounds, visiting these venues will give you the thrill of the game itself.

CityPark in St Louis

Top of the list comes the impressive CityPark, home to St Louis City SC. It's also the newest team and subsequently stadium to join the MLS. Impressively, this was built in 2022, making St Louis the first expansion team to play in their own stadium right from the get-go. And, it's completely soccer-specific which is where some of the other MLS stadiums lose out. This one uses a grass surface, and a capacity for 22,500 fans to enjoy the games.

It actually took a lot of its design from the Premier League stadiums throughout the UK, so it really does give that football vibe when you visit. The playing surface is regularly checked to ensure it's in great condition for each new season too.

Providence Park in Portland

This stadium is the impressive home of the Portland Timbers. Though we've got it in second-place, this is a tough call with many arguing it should be top. For many, this is the best place to be when watching an MLS game. It's got an authentic football vibe to it, with many saying nothing else in the US really compares.

However, the stadium is one of the oldest, and was built in 1928. It was originally used as a Minor League Baseball venue and subsequently uses an artificial surface, but this was before the Timbers became part of the MLS. Since then, the stadium has been upgraded and modified to meet the needs of football. But, it still retains the old structure which helps add to the ambiance. With a capacity of more than 25,000, it's also very well equipped to deal with throngs of football lovers.

BMO Stadium in Los Angeles

Another very new addition to the MLS stadiums is the BMO Stadium. This is home to the Los Angeles SC and, like CityPark, was built with football in mind. As such, it has a grass surface, and a wealth of features to promote football within the grounds. It makes for a really great place to view the league games and is an excellent place to go if you're a fan of the LA team.

Importantly, the BMO Stadium should not be confused with the BMO Field which is a Canadian football stadium! The LA stadium is smaller, with just 22,000 seats available. However, the stadium is built at a 34 degree angle making all the seats incredibly close to the action. The closest are just 12 feet from the pitch, while the furthest are less than 135 ft away.

Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta

Another relatively new stadium, this one was built for Atlanta United in 2017. Like many of the American football stadiums, this uses artificial turf rather than real grass. It's one of the biggest stadiums on this list though, with an impressive capacity of 71,000 seats. As it's got such a high-capacity, it has, in its time, held the record for the biggest attendance to an MLS event as it is similar in size to an NFL stadium. Excitingly, due to its large size, it's able to offer one of the more electric atmospheres.

However, part of its size comes from the fact that this is not a football-only stadium. The Mercedes-Benz Stadium is also home for NFL and College American football games as well. This does mean that it's not the best stadium for watching football as it depends where you are actually seated. Elsewhere though, this is one of the most advanced stadiums in the world. It offers a retractable roof for inclement weather and massive LED boards.

Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte

Home to the Charlotte SC, the Bank of America stadium is the largest of all the MLS stadiums. It hosts an impressive 75,000 fans at its maximum, making this an impressive place to watch a game. Like some of the other MLS stadiums though, this one is not only for football. In fact, this stadium was originally home to the Carolina Panthers from the NFL.

But, with the increase in popularity of football and the move of Charlotte FC into the MLS, things have changed. The team became one of the most recent additions to the league when they played for the first time in 2022. Before this, the stadium underwent a $50 million makeover to make it more football-friendly. And, in order to make the field better for football viewing, the capacity has actually been reduced to just 38,000.

Soldier Field in Chicago

This impressive stadium actually has a long history with football. Originally, Soldier Field was opened back in 1924 as a memorial to soldiers who had died in war. It was actually dedicated to them in 1926 during one of the annual Army-Navy football games. In the intervening years, the stadium moved away from football, and became known for a range of other sports. However, since the return of Chicago Fire SC, it's once again the base of this MLS team.

The design of the stadium is also iconic, as well as its history. It has a neoclassical style and uses Doric columns which are present in both east and west entrances, giving this a rather grandiose exterior. Given its history, it's well worth watching a game or too here.

If you're a football fan, following your team in the MLS is really all that matters, with 29 stadiums to visit, if you're watching your team, it's always going to be fun. When getting the latest MLS game predictions, consider the different stadiums, atmosphere and surface though, as it can make all the difference for the team playing there.

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