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All You Need to Know About the Legalization of Sports Betting in the United States (Infographic)

It was in May 2018 when the US Supreme Court brought a decision that paved the way for a "relatively new" industry in the United States. Even though it has been around illegally for a long period of time, sports betting has finally been legalized after the PASPA law was judicially overturned.

PASPA, which stands for the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992, was found to be unconstitutional because it commandeered power away from the states in a 7-2 decision, and a 6-3 decision determined that the whole of PASPA was unconstitutional.

After PASPA was overturned, sports betting was made legal in 7 states; in 16 states a bill was introduced but has not passed; and in 2 states there were existing legal sports betting laws, however no recent bill was introduced for modification. In 24 states no recent bill has been introduced, and in one state sports betting has remained illegal.

We all know that gambling was legal in the state of Nevada for quite some time, however it was the state of New Jersey that "pushed" the most when it came to the legalization of sports betting.

In 2014 a law was passed that repealed a former state law which forbade sports betting. Even though the four leagues and the NCAA filed suits against the law with the explanation that it forbade PASPA, the state made a petition to the Supreme Court to hear the case, which was "the beginning of the end" for PASPA.

It is without a doubt that the legalization of sports betting across the United States is going to have a positive effect on the US economy as it's expected that the total economic output is going to be around $41.2 billion. It is also going to created more than 200,000 direct and indirect jobs.

The NJ Games infographic below has all the information you need to read in order to understand what the outcome of the legalization of sports betting is going to be. Check it out to find out more.

US Sports Betting Infographic

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