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All age group love to play football and make it popular also

Which reasons make football the most popular game around the world? You may think also why football is the most popular game in the world. We assure when you will enter into the world of football, you won't have any doubts.

There are so many sports which are famous in their particular places. Basketball (in the US), baseball (in Japan), cricket, Hockey, and many others are examples of popular sports. But the sport that combines millions of hearts in just a few minutes is only football.

Football is the world's favourite sport

Reasons for becoming the most popular sport around the world

When you shall go to see a football match, you can see the encouragement of people. You get to see how they wait eagerly for the match. When you want to know why football has become the most popular sport in the world, you get to know plenty of reasons.

Here we provide some reasons that make this sport the most popular game in the world.

The passion

Passion is one of those known reasons that make football the most popular. If you have a conversation with any football fan, you get to know the reason. The passion also extends to the football players as well as the football fans. Whether you notice a small playground or any famous stadium, the fans enjoy this sport everywhere.

They play football in their locality, watch the sport, cheer their favorite players, and enjoy the game. You can see the dedication of some players who prefer to give amazement to their fans.

Rivalry Matches

The reason that makes this sport the most popular and attractive is the rivalry matches. You can't avoid these matches during any football season. Each team wants to prove who is the best. As a result, the face-off becomes very interesting. Yes, indeed, you can't compare these face-offs with the Derby matches. But you won't feel that the rivalry will give you less enjoyment.

The Manchester United vs. Liverpool matches are great examples of rivalry matches. Their playing style, passion prove them as the most successful clubs in English football. Besides, we know Barcelona vs. Manchester United as they met in the last four UEFA Champions League finals. You can see the fans who want to win their team. You can see the rivalry between the coaches of both teams.

No Age Limit

Many sports have a few restrictions on age limitations. They allow the players to play after a certain age. As an example, you can see the NFL game. The players of the NFL need to be three years out of high school. If you look at the NBA players, they have to be one year out from their high school.

But there are no age limits for the football players that make it the most popular sport in the world. There is no restriction on football. When a club thinks that a player is suitable for their team, they allow the player to go to the pitch. Raheem Sterling(from the Liverpool club) and Luke Shaw (from the Southampton club) are examples to name a few. Both of them began their career when they were just 17. And they proved right their coach's decisions by impressing the football fans.

Borussia Dortmund are Germany's most popular team

Historic Stadiums

If you enter into a historic stadium, you can feel the pressure. You can enjoy the fans that prove the stadium was built over a century ago. You can see many football stadiums in Europe and South America. Old Trafford, Camp Nou, Maracana, Azteca, and many stadiums are the witness of historical football matches. When a football fan will go to these stadiums, he or she can feel this.

If you visit America, you can see plenty of stadiums which last over 40 years. The stadiums have their respects for the sports franchises in the United States.


Relegation is also one of the main reasons that make football the most popular sport in the world. Here you can get the worst three clubs. Where American sports should get rewards, they face the worst clubs.


When you see a match, you must know that there will be promotions. Though the famous rivalries win the millions of hearts you can't avoid this reason. If a club is a promoted one, then the club remains in a top European league like the EPL or La Liga. It is the only reason to maintain financial balance.

Many clubs have that tag and stay in the top position.

Transfer Madness

If you count, you get to see that it becomes twice a year. Where the transfer madness comes in front of the world of football. Some free players indeed play for other teams just for money. They have their deals. And the club also provides money to the clubs while buying a player. If you look at the English league, you can see some famous deals. Whether you see Chelsea's buy of Fernando Torres, Liverpool's grasping of Andy Carroll or Real Madrid's a lot of money transfer for Cristiano Ronaldo and Manchester United's signing of Robin van Persie, all of these have proven the transfer madness.

Barcelona's Camp Nou is the biggest football stadium in Europe

Sir Alex and the Special One

Football is also famous for these two managers Sir Alex Ferguson and Jose Mourinho.

Ferguson and Mourinho are very famous managers in the world of history. People have special attention to them for a long time.

Ferguson is the manager of Manchester United. He feels very proud of his team as the team keeps their performance well and balanced. He says every time about his team. He also feels proud of the club's match.


When you have gone through our article, you get to know a few reasons. But there are plenty of reasons that make football the most popular sport in the world. This sport is for all the fans who want to enjoy football. From the rivalries of two teams to the great historical stadiums, all the reasons make football interesting. You can't avoid the craziness of the fans, the passion of the players.

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