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5 Soccer Players Who Adore Gambling As Much As Soccer

5 Soccer Players Who Adore Gambling As Much As Soccer

Soccer players are known the world over as the embodiment of athleticism and fine-tuned footballing excellence. Soccer demands a unique combination of strength, speed, agility, and finesse. Famous soccer players that can demonstrate these qualities on the pitch often become icons within their respective soccer clubs and countries. Soccer is a sport rooted in passion, belief and determination - traits that the best soccer players must possess to achieve success at high levels.

But although footballers are known for their skills, they also participate in many fun outdoor activities: some love partying, traveling, shopping, while others adore gambling. This article will discuss the 5 top footballers known for their passion for casino games, penny slots and free slots machines for fun.

Gianluigi Buffon

Age: 44
Net Worth: Around $20 million

Gianluigi Buffon is an Italian professional player born on 28th January 1978. He is a team captain for Juventus and plays for the team as a goalkeeper. Gianluigi Buffon is known to be one of the best and the world's most expensive goalkeepers and has made about 1,100 professional football appearances.

Also, he is known for his love of gambling games. Gianluigi is known to have been passionate about poker and served as a Poker Stars ambassador at some point. Gigi Buffon has in the past been suspended for illegal gambling. But although he was found not guilty, Gigi had never hidden his love for gambling.

Wayne Rooney

Age: 37
Net Worth: About $170 million

Among the famous English footballers, Wayne Rooney is known to be among the best. He plays for Manchester United, among Britain's most famous soccer clubs. It is not a secret Manchester United players are well-paid. Did you know that in 2008, Wayne Rooney lost 65,000 pounds from playing poker in less than two hours?

Rooney has also gambled at maximum rates in slots online and high stakes blackjack. Although he subsequently lost, eventually, he started playing roulette. Anyways, Wayne Rooney is also among the famous footballers that have a passion for the best online casino games at US online casinos for real money.

David Bentley

Age: 38
Net Worth: Suggested to be $15 million

This professional soccer player started his football career at Arsenal. David Bentley is an England-Born. He has played for different English clubs and the Russian Premier League for almost one year. This player is passionate about football, but he is also keen on betting and real money casino games. He even participated in the European poker tour.

At the age of 14 years, he confessed to trying gambling. As his football career advanced, he continued to grow his fortune through betting. Some of the bets he has made at the cash back bonus casino include baccarat, new online slots, horse racing, blackjack, and poker bets, among others. Although, eventually, his love for gambling became an addiction, his loved ones helped him to overcome his gambling problems.

Phil Bardsley

Age: 37
Net Worth: $5 million

Phil Bardsley was born on 28th June 1985. He plays a defender position for an England team. This player has also played for different premier league championships. In addition, Phil Bardsley is also known for his gambling antics. After winning some matches, this player is known to have gone to a casino to celebrate the win.

For example, Phil Bardsley visited a casino when the team won against Southampton. He never expected that the local paparazzi would be there. However, the player was filmed lying on the casino floor with many pounds covering his entire body. What a fun way to celebrate!

Lionel Messi

Age: 35
Net Worth: Over $620 million

He is one of the most famous footballers. Lionel Messi plays for Argentina which won the World Cup 2022. It has always been his longtime dream since childhood. This being the case, all his hobbies are directly connected with soccer. This player also loves to spend some quality time with his loved ones. In the past, Messi has told reporters that he loves to watch competitive games on TV.


Many well-known soccer professionals love gambling. However, it is essential to exercise caution not to be a celebrity with gambling problems. Some soccer players have become addicted to gambling. Playing soccer is fun; however, sometimes, this sport can be overwhelming, especially because players are expected to win. Footballers gamble for entertainment and also as an activity that allows them to relax and unwind. They also grow their fortune if they choose ideal casinos to gamble from.

Do you want to start gambling? Then click and find the best casino cash back bonuses here. There are also many reviews from the top players that can help you choose an ideal platform for your gambling activities.

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