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3 Ways You Can Improve Your Match Day Experience

Are your team in a real rut and not won a game for months on end? Does it mysteriously always seem to be cold and rainy whenever the football game kicks off? If so, then match day may have lost its appeal to you.

Fear not, however, as there are ways for you to get your love for live football back. To do this, quite simply, you're going to have to resolve to improve your match day experience. It may mean spending a bit more money and getting to the ground a little bit earlier than you are used to, but it'll all be worth it!

To find three ways you can improve your match day experience, be sure to read on.

Head to a local pub before kickoff

Even if you don't drink alcohol, heading to the local pub before the game kicks off is a great way to improve your match day experience. As long as it is in short walking distance to the ground, in the pub of your choosing, you'll find a horde of your fellow fans chatting about the team, singing its songs, and generally having a good time. You'll probably find a better atmosphere in the pub than you do in the ground, so it's well worth leaving your home a bit earlier to check one out.

Whatever you do, make sure you don't walk straight into a pub full of the opposing team's fans! You might not get into any real trouble by doing so (as many media outlets would make you believe), but you'll still have a better time if you are surrounded by others who support the same team as you.

If you do decide to have a drink on match day, do not overdo it or exceed your limits. If you do, the stewards at the stadium will have every right to take your ticket from you and turn you away. For information on alcohol limits unit guidelines, be sure to check out Drinkaware.

Eat a pie

Football has a longstanding tradition with the humble pie. Thousands of the football fans around the British Isles make match day pie day, and you should embrace this unwritten law yourself if you wish to get the most out of every game you attend. If nothing else, as you all stand around eating your pies, you and your friends will be able to dissect the game and moan about the ref!

Bet on the match

If you want to have a bit more riding on the outcome of the matches that you watch, you should bet on them. Whether you use the betting stalls set up at the stadium or whether you access Unibet on your phone, having a flutter will improve your match day experience as it will see you become more involved with the action. Soon enough, you'll find yourself kicking every ball!

In order to improve your match day experience and rekindle your love for the thrill of live football, you need to take the above advice.

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