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3 Sporting Activities To Discover When the Football Season Is Over

The end of the football season can bring an unsettling sense of disappointment, even if your team has finished top of the league. The summer hiatus brings rest and relaxation for the hard working players, but a slightly empty nest for the fans. Gone are your weekly schedules and weekend rituals, a Saturday spent at your favourite stadium will now have to wait for a while. The camaraderie of cheering on your team with family and friends is usually the highlight of your week but has to be put on hold until August, when the scoreboard has been cleared and as the new season begins.

You can choose to look on the bright side, however, and use the summer break as an opportunity to discover a different type of sport altogether, one that you can immerse yourself in as a spectator or have a go at participating as well. There’s nothing better than a weekend watching professional sport, and there’s so much on offer during June and July.

Make the most of the glorious warmer weather and join the crowds amongst the stands at a different stadium altogether.


An obvious sport to get your teeth into after the season ends is tennis, as the game really comes to life during the summer months. You’ve probably taken your kids to multiple football games in the past so how about buying tickets to their first tennis tournament. The atmosphere at Wimbledon is definitely a different experience, but can be just as exciting and unexpected as football.

There are multiple options when it comes to purchasing tickets, as you can enter the ballot six months before or join the infamous queue for tickets on the day, either way, you’ll have a great time making memories with friends and family.


Another sport that benefits from the milder climate during the summer is golf, and there are many tournaments worth spectating during the football season break. Enjoy a day out watching the pros or spend an afternoon at a driving range and learning how to perfect the ideal swing.

You never know, you might just discover a new hobby to enjoy until the football starts again. You may even want to invest in your own set of clubs like some high performing pxg irons to help improve your game. You’ll be lowering your handicap and celebrating at the 19th hole sooner than you imagined.


A bat and ball game that is loved all over the world, cricket is a great spectator sport to indulge in over the summer months. It’s definitely worth visiting a stadium like Lords in London or Edgbaston in Birmingham when an international test match is on. The atmosphere can be just as energetic and animated as a football game. So, take some spending money with you and enjoy a couple of beverages as you watch. You never know, a day at the cricket might inspire you to hold your own tournament with your nearest and dearest when you get home.

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