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Persha Liga Football Grounds in Ukraine

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Persha Liga 0/23 grounds visited (0%)

Team/GroundI've Been There!
For FootballTour/Non-Football
Arsenal Kiev 
Stadion Kolos
Stadion NTK im. B. M. Bannikova
Lobanovsky Dynamo Stadium
Avanhard Kramatorsk 
Stadion Avanhard
Balkany Zorya 
Stadion im. Boris Tropanets
Stadion Zorya
Chornomorets Odessa 
Prokopenko Arena (Stadion Chornomorets)
FC Minai 
Stadion Mynai
FC Obolon Kyiv 
Obolon Stadium
FC Volyn Lutsk 
Avanhard Stadium
FK Ahrobiznes Volochysk 
Yunist Stadium
FK Prykarpattia 
Miskyi Tsentral'Nyi Stadium
Het-Trick Arena
Stadion Ynist
Inhulets Petrove 
Stadion Inhulets
Stadion Holovkivskyi
Kremin Kremunchuk 
Kremin-Arena im. Olega Babaeva
Metalist Kharkiv 
Metalist Stadium
MFK Mykolaiv 
Tsentralnyi miskyi Stadion
Stadion Park Pobedy (Stadion Trudovi rezervy)
Stadion Verhniy
Rukh Vynnyky 
Stadion im. Bohdan Markevycha
Stadion SKIF

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Grounds in Persha Liga Ordered by Capacity

1.Metalist Stadium home to Metalist Kharkiv40,003
2.Prokopenko Arena (Stadion Chornomorets) home to Chornomorets Odessa34,164
3.Tsentralnyi miskyi Stadion home to MFK Mykolaiv25,175
4.Lobanovsky Dynamo Stadium home to Arsenal Kiev16,873
5.Miskyi Tsentral'Nyi Stadium home to FK Prykarpattia16,000
6.Avanhard Stadium home to FC Volyn Lutsk10,792
7.Stadion Kolos home to Arsenal Kiev5,654
8.Obolon Stadium home to FC Obolon Kyiv5,100
9.Stadion Avanhard home to Avanhard Kramatorsk4,000
10.Stadion SKIF home to Rukh Vynnyky3,742
11.Stadion im. Boris Tropanets home to Balkany Zorya3,000
12.Stadion Ynist home to Hirnyk-Sport3,000
13.Yunist Stadium home to FK Ahrobiznes Volochysk2,500
14.Kremin-Arena im. Olega Babaeva home to Kremin Kremunchuk2,200
15.Stadion NTK im. B. M. Bannikova home to Arsenal Kiev1,945
16.Stadion Inhulets home to Inhulets Petrove1,720
17.Stadion Mynai home to FC Minai1,200
18.Stadion im. Bohdan Markevycha home to Rukh Vynnyky900
  • Average capacity in Persha Liga: 9,367

Best supported teams in Persha Liga

#TeamNumber of Fans
1.Arsenal Kiev1
2.Metalist Kharkiv1
3.Avanhard Kramatorsk0
4.Balkany Zorya0
6.Chornomorets Odessa0
7.FC Minai0
8.FC Obolon Kyiv0
9.FC Volyn Lutsk0
10.FK Ahrobiznes Volochysk0
11.FK Prykarpattia0
13.Inhulets Petrove0
14.Kremin Kremunchuk0
15.MFK Mykolaiv0
16.Rukh Vynnyky0
  • Average # fans in Persha Liga: 0

Which team's fans have been to the most grounds in Persha Liga?

#TeamAvg Grounds Visited
1.Arsenal Kiev0.00
2.Metalist Kharkiv0.00
3.Avanhard Kramatorsk0.00
4.Balkany Zorya0.00
6.Chornomorets Odessa0.00
7.FC Minai0.00
8.FC Obolon Kyiv0.00
9.FC Volyn Lutsk0.00
10.FK Ahrobiznes Volochysk0.00
11.FK Prykarpattia0.00
13.Inhulets Petrove0.00
14.Kremin Kremunchuk0.00
15.MFK Mykolaiv0.00
16.Rukh Vynnyky0.00
  • Average # grounds visited in Persha Liga: 0.00

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