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Segunda Regional Tenerife (Group 2) Football Grounds in Spain

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Segunda Regional Tenerife (Group 2) 0/16 grounds visited (0%)

Team/GroundI've Been There!
For FootballTour/Non-Football
Atletico Alcala 
Juanito Marrero
Atletico Chenet 
Campo Municipal Armeñime
Atletico Union de Güímar B 
Estadio Muncipal Tasagaya
CD Armeñime Palmas 
Campo Municipal Armeñime
CD Bahia Santiago 
Campo Municipal De Playa Santiago
CD Chiñama Chasna 
Charco del Pino
CD El Roque 
El Roque
CD San Isidro 
La Palmera
CD San Lorenzo Constancia B 
Oscar Perez Barrio
CD Tasiri 
Juan Manuel Mesa
CD Unión Isora 
Tomás Hernández Alonso
UD Campana 
Campo Municipal Tíncer
UD Chio 
El Mayato
UD Las Zocas B 
El Mirador
UD San Antonio Pilar 
Las Torres
Unión Arafo María Auxiliadora 
Blas Reyes

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Grounds in Segunda Regional Tenerife (Group 2) Ordered by Capacity

1.Estadio Muncipal Tasagaya home to Atletico Union de Güímar B3,500
2.Juanito Marrero home to Atletico Alcala3,000
3.La Palmera home to CD San Isidro2,700
4.Charco del Pino home to CD Chiñama Chasna1,200
  • Average capacity in Segunda Regional Tenerife (Group 2): 2,080

Best supported teams in Segunda Regional Tenerife (Group 2)

#TeamNumber of Fans
1.Atletico Alcala0
2.Atletico Chenet0
3.Atletico Union de Güímar B0
4.CD Armeñime Palmas0
5.CD Bahia Santiago0
6.CD Chiñama Chasna0
7.CD El Roque0
8.CD San Isidro0
9.CD San Lorenzo Constancia B0
10.CD Tasiri0
11.CD Unión Isora0
12.UD Campana0
13.UD Chio0
14.UD Las Zocas B0
15.UD San Antonio Pilar0
16.Unión Arafo María Auxiliadora0
  • Average # fans in Segunda Regional Tenerife (Group 2): 0

Which team's fans have been to the most grounds in Segunda Regional Tenerife (Group 2)?

#TeamAvg Grounds Visited
1.Atletico Alcala0.00
2.Atletico Chenet0.00
3.Atletico Union de Güímar B0.00
4.CD Armeñime Palmas0.00
5.CD Bahia Santiago0.00
6.CD Chiñama Chasna0.00
7.CD El Roque0.00
8.CD San Isidro0.00
9.CD San Lorenzo Constancia B0.00
10.CD Tasiri0.00
11.CD Unión Isora0.00
12.UD Campana0.00
13.UD Chio0.00
14.UD Las Zocas B0.00
15.UD San Antonio Pilar0.00
16.Unión Arafo María Auxiliadora0.00
  • Average # grounds visited in Segunda Regional Tenerife (Group 2): 0.00

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