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Primera Regional Tenerife (Group 2) Football Grounds in Spain

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Primera Regional Tenerife (Group 2) 0/15 grounds visited (0%)

Team/GroundI've Been There!
For FootballTour/Non-Football
AD Chincanayro 
Garcia Escamez
CD Candela 
Campo Candelaria
CD Charco Pino 
Charco del Pino
CD Furia Arona 
Fernando Perez
CD Igueste 
Campo Candelaria
CD La Laguna 
Estadio Francisco Peraza
CD San Miguel 
Campo De Fútbol San Miguel De Abona
EMF Santiago Teide 
Fañabe CF 
Campo Municipal de Fañabe
Hermano Pedro 
La Hoya del Pozo
Tenerife C 
Ciudad Deportiva
UD Alajero 
Municipal Alajeró
UD Guargacho 
Jairo Martin Arzola
UD Ibarra B 
Dionisio Gonzalez
UD San Luis 
Pablos Abril

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Grounds in Primera Regional Tenerife (Group 2) Ordered by Capacity

1.Estadio Francisco Peraza home to CD La Laguna8,000
2.Campo De Fútbol San Miguel De Abona home to CD San Miguel2,500
3.Fernando Perez home to CD Furia Arona2,000
4.Campo Candelaria home to CD Candela1,500
5.Campo Candelaria home to CD Igueste1,500
6.Campo Municipal de Fañabe home to Fañabe CF1,500
7.Ciudad Deportiva home to Tenerife C1,500
8.Charco del Pino home to CD Charco Pino1,200
9.Dionisio Gonzalez home to UD Ibarra B1,000
10.Garcia Escamez home to AD Chincanayro1,000
11.Jairo Martin Arzola home to UD Guargacho1,000
12.La Hoya del Pozo home to Hermano Pedro1,000
13.Municipal Alajeró home to UD Alajero1,000
14.Pablos Abril home to UD San Luis1,000
15.Tamaimo home to EMF Santiago Teide1,000
  • Average capacity in Primera Regional Tenerife (Group 2): 1,669

Best supported teams in Primera Regional Tenerife (Group 2)

#TeamNumber of Fans
1.AD Chincanayro0
2.CD Candela0
3.CD Charco Pino0
4.CD Furia Arona0
5.CD Igueste0
6.CD La Laguna0
7.CD San Miguel0
8.EMF Santiago Teide0
9.Fañabe CF0
10.Hermano Pedro0
11.Tenerife C0
12.UD Alajero0
13.UD Guargacho0
14.UD Ibarra B0
15.UD San Luis0
  • Average # fans in Primera Regional Tenerife (Group 2): 0

Which team's fans have been to the most grounds in Primera Regional Tenerife (Group 2)?

#TeamAvg Grounds Visited
1.AD Chincanayro0.00
2.CD Candela0.00
3.CD Charco Pino0.00
4.CD Furia Arona0.00
5.CD Igueste0.00
6.CD La Laguna0.00
7.CD San Miguel0.00
8.EMF Santiago Teide0.00
9.Fañabe CF0.00
10.Hermano Pedro0.00
11.Tenerife C0.00
12.UD Alajero0.00
13.UD Guargacho0.00
14.UD Ibarra B0.00
15.UD San Luis0.00
  • Average # grounds visited in Primera Regional Tenerife (Group 2): 0.00

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