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League Two North Football Grounds in China

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League Two North 0/11 grounds visited (0%)

Team/GroundI've Been There!
For FootballTour/Non-Football
Beijing BIT 
BIT Eastern Athletic Field
Hebei Elite 
Chinese Football School Stadium
Inner Mongolia Caoshangfei 
Baotou Olympic Sports Centre Stadium
Jiangsu Yancheng Dingli 
Dafeng Olympic Sports Centre
Qingdao Jonoon 
Tiantai Stadium
GuoXin Stadium (old ground)
Jimo Powerise District Sports Center (old ground)
Qingdao Red Lions 
Jimo Powerise District Sports Center
Qingdao Zhongchuang Hengtai 
GuoXin Stadium Outer Field
Shanxi Longjin 
Shanxi Sports Centre Stadium
Xian Daxing Chongde 
Northwestern Polytechnical University Stadium
Xian UKD 
Football Field at Xian Polytechnic University
Zibo Cuju 
Zibo Sports Center Stadium

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Grounds in League Two North Ordered by Capacity

1.Shanxi Sports Centre Stadium home to Shanxi Longjin62,000
2.Zibo Sports Center Stadium home to Zibo Cuju45,000
3.Baotou Olympic Sports Centre Stadium home to Inner Mongolia Caoshangfei39,500
4.Tiantai Stadium home to Qingdao Jonoon20,525
5.Jimo Powerise District Sports Center home to Qingdao Red Lions15,000
6.Dafeng Olympic Sports Centre home to Jiangsu Yancheng Dingli10,000
7.BIT Eastern Athletic Field home to Beijing BIT5,000
8.Chinese Football School Stadium home to Hebei Elite5,000
9.Football Field at Xian Polytechnic University home to Xian UKD1,000
10.GuoXin Stadium Outer Field home to Qingdao Zhongchuang Hengtai1,000
11.Northwestern Polytechnical University Stadium home to Xian Daxing Chongde1,000
  • Average capacity in League Two North: 17,085

Best supported teams in League Two North

#TeamNumber of Fans
1.Zibo Cuju1
2.Beijing BIT0
3.Hebei Elite0
4.Inner Mongolia Caoshangfei0
5.Jiangsu Yancheng Dingli0
6.Qingdao Jonoon0
7.Qingdao Red Lions0
8.Qingdao Zhongchuang Hengtai0
9.Shanxi Longjin0
10.Xian Daxing Chongde0
11.Xian UKD0
  • Average # fans in League Two North: 0

Which team's fans have been to the most grounds in League Two North?

#TeamAvg Grounds Visited
1.Zibo Cuju6.00
2.Beijing BIT0.00
3.Hebei Elite0.00
4.Inner Mongolia Caoshangfei0.00
5.Jiangsu Yancheng Dingli0.00
6.Qingdao Jonoon0.00
7.Qingdao Red Lions0.00
8.Qingdao Zhongchuang Hengtai0.00
9.Shanxi Longjin0.00
10.Xian Daxing Chongde0.00
11.Xian UKD0.00
  • Average # grounds visited in League Two North: 0.50

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