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Why Barcelona Cannot Afford To Sign both Dembele and Coutinho


With a purse of €222 million from Neymar’s deal, with PSG, Barcelona has the money to buy a world class player to fill the gap left by their star. However, it may not be enough to buy two world class players. At the moment, the transfer window is approaching and they have less than 2 weeks to close the deal with Liverpool club for Coutinho. Although Coutinho wants the move, Liverpool is not willing to let him go that easy without Barcelona paying a huge sum. They are asking for more than £100 million for their star midfielder. Barcelona is looking to buy Dembele from PSG who could also be expensive.

It is too expensive

They cannot afford to bring in both players to their club at the same time. Assuming that they want to spend the entire proceeds from Neymar’s sale, it will not be enough to land both players. Initially, Liverpool was asking for a lower amount for Coutinho. However, Barcelona club was reluctant since they had Neymar on board, by then, and they did not need another forward on their roster. With no one to fill Neymar’s position, it is clear that they will keep their fingers crossed to buy the Liverpool star. On the other hand, Dembele is not that cheap which leaves them with only one choice to make between the two.

They have other less expensive options

Julian Draxler has been rumored to be heading to Nou Camp after PSG landed Neymar. This means that Draxler has become a second option for the French club and thus an easier transfer for Barcelona as compared to Dembele or Coutinho. Staying ahead of such news and getting the best advice for football match today, tips, predictions and which team to bet on. Reading a real time preview of the upcoming matches and using the free tips will increase your odds by betting on the team to win.

Liverpool may not be willing to part with Coutinho

The EPL has already started. Although Coutinho is out with an injury, they still need him at the club. Even if Liverpool were to sell him for over £100 million, it would be difficult to buy a great player, to replace Coutinho with the little time left. As such Liverpool would prefer not to sell their star player and hopefully wait for the January transfer window. Barcelona is to blame for waiting too long to close the deal on Coutinho. PSG has also set a deadline for Barcelona to make a handsome deal for Dembele or else they will not be selling him this summer.

The transfer window is slowly closing

On 31st August the transfer window will close and they will not be able to sign anyone. It is a ticking clock for the Barcelona club as they keep contemplating on the next move to make. The closer the transfer deadline approaches the more it will be difficult to land any of the two players. This is because their fees will increase as a result. In the end, Barcelona may be unable to land any one of the two players which will weaken their team now that Neymar is gone.

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Written by Rob. First published on September 21st, 2017.