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UEFA Champions League, final prediction

UEFA Champions League, final prediction

In almost three months from now we are going to watch the big final of the 68th season of the UEFA Champions League. A final that is expected to have everything since we are talking about the absolute celebration of the top, premier European football clubs, star athletes and of course the celebration of the football sport itself.

As we are getting closer to the final, bookmakers and betting sites experience a sharp rise in bets on the outright winner of the league. And this does not only concern betting platforms in Europe, but platforms and sites nearly everywhere, where football is watched and celebrated. UEFA Champions League wagers are very popular in online betting Malaysia, for example, despite the fact that Malaysian clubs don't participate in this competition.

If you want to give it a shot with betting on the UEFA Champions League 2023 and more specifically if you want to bet on who will win the final match in June in Istanbul, then let's see the odds and the favorites and make our final predictions.

Manchester City is still the first favorite to win the 68th premier football competition season, but the truth is that they feel the breath of the Bavarians against their neck (which we will see later on). The Cityzens are at the top of their group with 14 points, but their last appearances have been somewhat of a question.

Manchester City have all it takes to be the winners and lift the trophy, however, will they be able to put it together and make it in the end? Haaland has been reportedly disappointed and Guardiola is making sure Haaland is not to be blamed for the late matches, but it might be the case that these have an influence in the end in the club's run towards the final.

Bayern Munich has been climbing on the top of the list of favorites slowly, steadily and very decisively. Up until recently, Bayern Munich were the clear second favorites to win the 2023 Champions League, but they are heading higher and they are reaching towards the first position based on the odds given by bookmakers. They have 18 points (way ahead of all clubs in all groups), they are leading their group and they have a stunning streak of wins. Plus they have the air of being Champions League winners six times in the past!

Real Madrid has clawed in the third position of the top three favorites to win the competition this year. They did not start off to the very best odds, but they are coming stronger now to everyone's surprise. They are leading their group as well - just like the other two contenders - and they have some certain dynamic, but the likelihood of lifting the trophy is not still very strong!

Who is gonna be the winner? Who will lift the trophy? While the odds give Manchester City, we believe that it is the Bavarians who will eventually win the league in the end!

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